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Lake Victoria

Name Nile perch
Latin name Lates niloticus
Fishing methods Gill nets

Gill net is a fishing net consisting of a simple net of single or twisted nylon cord. The fish is trapped when it tries to swim through the net and sticks with the head or the gills. In subsequent attempts at liberation, it then becomes entangled in the net. An advantage of the gill net fishing is the possibility, through the mesh size and placement of the net, to catch fish of a certain size or species.

Sustainability Naturland Wild fish
Habitat Widespread throughout Africa, occurring commonly in all major river basins including the Nile, Chad, Senegal, Volta and Zaire. Introduced in lake Victoria.
Life Nile perch live in small groups, schooling is used as a mechanism to protect them from other predators.
Feed The Nile perch feeds on fish, crustaceans, and insects; the juveniles also feed on zooplankton.
Characteristics The Nile perch is silver in colour with a blue tinge. It has a distinctive dark-black eye, with a bright-yellow outer ring.
Size length 1,8 m, weight up to 70 kg
Facts The Nile perch is, as the name says, native in the Nile river. It was introduced in to lake Victoria in the 1960's where it flourishes.
Taste The white meat of the nile perch is fine and tasteful.
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