From the oceans of the world - processed in Mecklenburg

For more than 25 years Femeg  processes fish & seafood from all over the world to typical north german dishes.

Origin is important to us. Our region has a fabulous fishing heritage with hundreds of years of knowledge floating through our region.
Carrying on cherishing the world tastiest fish means getting serious regarding fishing.
Take a look at our packaging. Femeg is always crystal clear about where our fish comes from, when and how it is caught. Since 2013 all details are explained on each pack with our „Track on pack“ system.
Our promise: A state of the art quality product.
The best farming regions in Norway or elsewere in the world - our cod, saithe or redfish filets come from healthy stocks in the North Atlantic. All origins are carefully selected by the FEMEG staff.

Fishing boat
The brand for fish
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